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Banter Page Ground Rules - Cricket Fans United
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Banter Page Ground Rules


We just want to give you a quick overview of what the purpose is of having the banter page and to also draw up the ground rules for getting on board.

We want to provide a platform for cricket fans of all levels to get together and discuss the ins andouts, the ebbs and flows the highs and lows of this great game while also being able to have a good laugh along the way.

As mentioned, there are ground rules.

1-Keep it above board…. While we all come from different parts of the world or even different parts of the same country, if you feel like writing a post with the specific intent of a personal, hurtful attack based on differences of any level, keep it to yourself. Simple.

2-Avoid misunderstandings…. if you are attempting to deliver a joke that could possibly be taken in the wrong manner we highly encourage the use of things like those god awful emojis or abbreviations such as LOL, and HAHA. These are all universal and can save misinterpretation.

3-In the situation that offence has occured….. We ask that you front up and apologise/accept the apology, then move on! Don’t hold a grudge or start some form of keyboard war, because for the most part the rest of us don’t want to hear it.

If we have repeat offenders there is the card system in place where a yellow will be issued by the authorities where you are given a ‘time out period’. Followed by a red, for the real jerks who can’t correct their behaviors.

4-Try to keep the chat relevant to the topics in each room. There will always be a thread for general chit chat or banter, plus you can always tee up a private thread. Im sure we won’t have to be hard line on this, but don’t be offended if someone tells you to ‘get a room.’ (See what I did there?!… Classic Dad joke…)

5- ‘The Judge’ is the High Commander…. the Darth Vader…. the Zues of the Banter Page…. He has a pocket full of reds and yellows and is hell bent with intent on keeping this place in order. If he tells you to pull your head in, that is a pre-yellow warning, so listen hard. He is also a champ and cricket junkie, so don’t be scared.

That’s it! If you think you can follow the ground rules and want to get on board, tick the box and move to the next page to register yourself a name. You will receive a confirmation email and once everything is squared away, you will be able to start putting your views down.

Have fun Cricket Fans.


Director, Cricket Fans United.

Agree to the ground rules.


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That’s right, we will scroll through their website to find what they have available and get something to your liking. The best thing is, once you have signed up you are in the draw every month. The only catch is, you can’t win two months in a row, and we get to send you an email to update you on the latest each week.

Our promise to you is that we will not give your details to anyone without your consent. Sound good? Put your details down and keep an eye on your emails.

Director, Cricket Fans United.

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Good Luck Cricket Fans!