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About Us

We are Cricket Fans United. The name says it all.

Our goal is pretty simple. We want to provide well written blogs from a purist’s point of view, while giving our readers a place to discuss and debate the polarizing sport of cricket.

Throughout our site you will be able to find articles, video blogs, podcasts, a gallery and a chat room (banter pages).  All of which, will reflect the different levels that cricket is played on around the world.

In our view, there is a gap for the serious cricket fan at the moment. We are stuck between wanting to know more about all levels of cricket, but somewhat limited by the big players in the media that seem to be losing their direction and our attention.

Over the coming months we will be expressing our opinion on the Australian summer of cricket where they face both New Zealand and the West Indies. We will also be bringing video features of local cricket clubs with interviews and insights into the people that are the corner stone of grassroots cricket. On top of this, we will be giving away prizes every month to the cricket fans out there.

We hope you enjoy looking through our site and strongly encourage you to contact us if you would like contribute something to the site. This is a cricket democracy and a place for the fans to be fans.

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to exchanging views on the game with you in our banter page.

Ben Horner

Director, Cricket Fans United


The deal is simple. Fill out the form on the right hand side of the page. If your name gets drawn, we will send you an email and strike a deal on what merch you want. It can be anything from a Test, ODI or T20 shirt, perhaps a training polo and hat, or maybe just a stubby cooler... All from the team of your choice.

That’s right, we will scroll through their website to find what they have available and get something to your liking. The best thing is, once you have signed up you are in the draw every month. The only catch is, you can’t win two months in a row, and we get to send you an email to update you on the latest each week.

Our promise to you is that we will not give your details to anyone without your consent. Sound good? Put your details down and keep an eye on your emails.

Director, Cricket Fans United.

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Good Luck Cricket Fans!